Our History

We stand behind our reputation and will continue to serve our community with the values instilled by our funeral directors.

For over twenty years, Holloway Pet Cremation Services has been providing personalized cremation services along with urns and caskets for the final disposition of a family pet.  We have, state-of-the art cremation equipment and facilities available, as well as a thoroughly licensed crematory technicians.  Our newly opened Holloway Cremation Center has compassionate staff to help you with your loss. You can be assured that your pet will be returned to you in a timely (3-5 business days) and respectful fashion. We are in complete control of the process and your satisfaction is our primary goal.  If you have any questions concerning the process or any other issue regarding our services, please contact us.  We are also available to assist you with the burial of your pet at your home or a cemetery of your choice.  Pet caskets and urn vaults are available.

At some point, you are going to have to make final arrangements for your pet. As we understand more about the loss of a companion pet, it has become accepted that a proper goodbye is very beneficial in finalizing the grief process.  Let us help you say good-bye.